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Paul Leonard’s paid welcome card service offers comfort when you’re racing to send birthday wishes. While nothing can beat a customized lyric to include that additional bit of insightfulness, we would all be able to concur that in this bustling world, any association we can make with each other, even just to state “Considering you,” is advantageous.

Additionally, when you consider the cost of gas, heading to the store, purchasing the cards, and obtaining the stamps, you can’t beat the price of $3.16 and up including postage for carefully assembled welcoming cards that can be customized. Lyrics for You author Kristin Johnson sat down with Paul Leonard, organizer of, for a particular meeting.

Kristin: Paul, how could you build up this different service?

Paul Leonard: Well, I figure the thought initially came to me a few years back while sitting on a road turned parking lot! I’d quite recently been to the store to get a birthday card for my sister at last – I generally overlook individuals’ birthday celebrations – and was endeavoring to fill in the address with the envelope adjusted on the controlling wheel. I felt that there must be a superior way!

A few months passed by and, on my birthday, I got a birthday card from my sister. It hadn’t been sent by her yet by a computer using the web – my name and address were lasers imprinted on the back, and it landed in a window envelope. The message inside was laser marked in rather heartless dark monotype. I can just say that I felt somewhat outraged, considering the inconvenience I had gone to 2 months sooner, yet then I understood how much time and vitality I would have spared by utilizing a service this way.

The main thing that put me off was the unoriginal ‘garbage mail’ appearance of the card, so I started to scan the web for a service that would enable me to send a card that would seem as though I posted it. Following two or three hours I surrendered because I couldn’t discover what I was searching for. That is the point at which it clicked – there was a hole in the market that I could fill.

As an IT proficient represent considerable authority in Intranet systems myself, I soon had the site constructed and my brother by marriage, who is a visual designer, went ahead board to help with the creative side. Through his contacts, he likewise sourced the cards that we utilize. From that point forward, a ton of calibrating and following up on input from our clients has got us to where we are present.

Kristin: Most of us to leave things at the latest possible time. That is the reason there’s an expansion of free e-card businesses out there. Blue Mountain Arts, which distributed two of my honor winning ballads on its Web website, was the pioneer for this model, however, changed to log in and expense based service. You are likewise completing a charge based service. Be that as it may, yours isn’t an e-card business, it’s a one of a kind welcome card business. Do you work on the rule “you get what you pay for?”

Paul Leonard: I figure the primary concern here is that you can’t put an e-card on your mantelpiece! E-cards are unquestionably great fun and have their place, yet regardless you can’t beat a good card landing in the post to disclose to you that somebody is considering you.